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If you think you are entitled to Portuguese nationality but don’t know how to start the process you should first find out:

✔ whether you are actually entitled to Portuguese nationality;
✔ what documents you need to present and what formal requirements these must meet;
✔ if you don’t need to make endorsements, marriage transcriptions, or foreign judgment reviews first;
✔ who can make the request;
✔ what your costs are; and
✔ how long it takes (an estimate).

If you have any questions about one of these points we have described above, you should contact a specialist lawyer so that he or she can guide you. ⚠

Remember that lawyers registered at the Portuguese Bar Association are the ONLY ones qualified to handle nationality applications in Portugal. Always confirm if the person you hired is actively registered at the Portuguese Bar Association website!

At Desk Portugal we have a team of lawyers available to help you with your nationality process.